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27 Sep 2004
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4th Museum Night

On 25 September, the Olympic Museum took part in the fourth edition of Museum Night. Twenty-two Lausanne museums opened their doors from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m.



Greece showcased

As befitting this Olympic year, ancient and modern Greece provided the theme for this event. Among the numerous activities on offer to the public (guided tours, tales from mythology, theatrical activities, music and dancing), children were able to learn about the clothing styles of the ancient Greeks, with the Destination Olympia exhibition as a backdrop to this workshop. They learnt how to make numerous clothes from a simple linen rectangle. Other visitors were interested in the young athletes' presentation of modern and ancient sports.



...a hoplite from England

Travelling especially across the Channel for the occasion, George Georgiou, a member of the Great Britain Hoplites Association, joined them in his striking costume (helmet, breast plate, leg plates and shield): a reminder that races in armour were also on the programme of the ancient Games!



...and finally, some jazz

In complete contrast, the night ended with the rhythm of jazz. In the Burton Morris exhibition area, with a décor appropriate to famous pianists, Malcolm Braff, Bänz Oester and Samuel Rohrer thrilled the night-owls, fans of music and museums!
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