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23 Jul 2015
Olympic Studies Centre

2015-2016 Advanced Research Grants Awarded

In the framework of the second edition of the Advanced Olympic Research Grant Programme, the IOC Olympic Studies Centre (OSC) has selected seven research projects, underlining their academic quality and significance with respect to the IOC priority fields of research.


The seven selected projects are:

Contribution of an Olympian Towards Peace-Building through sports: The Teglaloroupe Peace foundation in Kenya
 Research Team: Andanje MWISUKHA and Elijah GITONGA RINTAUGU  (Kenyatta University)

Young people’s perceptions of the main outcomes of participating in sport and physical activity
 Research Team: Ed COPE (Sheffield Hallam University – UK) and Richard  BALLEY (ICSSPE – Germany)

Promoting physical health in elite athletes: Understanding of exercise and nonexercise based injury prevention strategies
 Research Team: Thomas LOVE and Camilla KNIGHT (Swansea – UK), and  Katherine BLACK (University of Otago – New Zealand)

Evaluating the volunteering infrastructure legacy of the Olympic Games: Sydney 2000 and London 2012
 Research Team: Leonie LOCKSTONE (Victoria University – Australia), Kristen  HOLMES (Curtin University – Australia), Karen SMITH (Victoria University of  Wellington – New Zealand) and Richard SHIPWAY (Bournemouth University –  UK)

A bright future for the elite athletes? The importance of the career path
 Research Team: Cristina LOPEZ, Maribel BARRIOPEDRO and Miguel Angel  GOMEZ (Technical University of Madrid – Spain) and Carlos MUNIESA  (European University of Madrid – Spain)

Youth Perceptions of the Olympic Games: Attitudes towards action sports at the YOG and Olympic Games
 Research Team: Belinda WHEATON and Holly THORPE (University of Waikato  – New Zealand)

Impact of the Hoodlinks programme to develop life skills and prevent youth violence in Guatemala
 Research team: James MANDIGO (Brock University – Canada), John CORLETT  (MacEwan University – Canada), Nick HOLT (University of Alberta – Canada),  Colin HIGGS (Memorial University – Canada), Cathy VAN INGEN (Brock  University – Canada), Dany MACDONALD (University of Prince Edward Island –  Canada) and Guido GEISLER (Tsukuba University – Japan)

The selected researchers will receive a grant, which will allow them to carry out their research project, benefit from exchanges with the IOC administration and, if relevant, consult the OSC’s resources in Lausanne (Switzerland) (including the IOC’s document and image archives, its official publications and a large collection of reference publications related to Olympism and the Olympic Movement). The results of their research must be submitted to the OSC in June 2016.


For this second edition, 41 individual and collective candidature files were submitted from 25 countries, covering all the priority research themes proposed by the IOC.


The main objective of the Advanced Olympic Research Grant Programme is to promote advanced research by established researchers with a humanities or social sciences perspective in priority fields of research, which are identified annually by the IOC. University professors, lecturers and research fellows who have completed their doctorate and who currently hold an academic/research appointment covering the period of the grant are eligible to apply. For more information on the priority fields of research and the rules and guidelines in general, click here.


In order to perform a thorough analysis of all the projects, and taking into account both the academic quality and the importance of the proposed research in at least one of the priority fields of research, the files were evaluated by university peers and experts from the IOC departments. Following these evaluations, the OSC Research Grant Selection Committee, which is composed of academic experts, recommended a list of projects to the OSC. It was on these final recommendations that the OSC, in cooperation with the IOC departments, validated the seven files, which were then awarded grants. The full description of the evaluation and selection process for this programme can be found here.


The 2016/2017 edition of the Advanced Olympic Research Grant Programme will be launched in October 2015. The relevant documents will be available on our website


The 2016 edition of the PhD Students’ Research Grant Programme was launched in April. This programme offers a category that is open to any project concerning the Olympic Movement and/or the Olympic Games, and a second category aimed specifically at PhD students whose research is on subjects of interest to the National Olympic Committees.

The complete explanatory document and the application form are available on our website. Application files must be submitted by email to the OSC by 25 September 2015.

The Olympic Studies Centre is the world centre of reference for Olympic knowledge. It is dedicated to sharing this knowledge with professionals and researchers by providing information, giving access to its unique collections, enabling research and stimulating intellectual exchange. For further information on the IOC Olympic Studies Centre, its resources and its services, visit our web pages or contact

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