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02 Feb 2005
IOC News , 117th Session

2012: the stages of an Olympic Candidature

From 3 February to 17 March, the IOC Evaluation Commission will visit all the Candidate Cities for the Games of the XXX Olympiad in 2012. The process for a city to become host city of the Olympic Games is rather long, as the schedule for the 2012 Olympic Games illustrates:

From Applicant City to Candidate City
- 15 July 2003: names of the Applicant Cities sent by the NOCs
- 15 January 2004: Applicant Cities to reply to IOC questionnaire
- 15 January - March 2004: examination of replies by IOC and experts
- 18 May 2004: acceptance of Candidate Cities by the IOC Executive Board

Candidature files and Evaluation Commission visits
- 18 May - 15 November 2004: preparation of Candidature Files by the Candidate Cities
- 15 November 2004: receipt of Candidature Files at the IOC
- 15 November 2004 - end of January 2005: analysis of Candidature Files
- 3 February - 17 March 2005: visit of the Evaluation Commission to the Candidate Cities (order determined by logistics):

- 3 - 6 February 2005: Madrid
- 16 - 19 February 2005: London
- 21 - 24 February 2005: New York
- 9 - 12 March 2005: Paris
- 14 - 17 March 2005: Moscow

Evaluation report
- No later than one month before the opening of the 117th Session: dispatch of Evaluation Commission report to IOC members and report made public

- 6 July 2005: presentation by the Cities before the 117th Session, report by the Evaluation Commission Chairwoman, and election of the host city for the 2012 Games.

Election on 6 July 2005
At the 117th IOC Session in Singapore on 6 July 2005, a secret ballot held among all IOC members will determine the host city. The city receiving the least number of votes is eliminated after each round. The ballot continues until one candidate gets an absolute majority of the votes cast. Any IOC members from a country whose city is a candidate in the election must abstain from taking part in the vote. If their city is eliminated, they may take part in the next round of voting.

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