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14 Apr 2009

2010 Edition of the Researchers' Grant Programme

The IOC’s Olympic Studies Centre (OSC) has just launched the 2010 edition of the grant programme aimed at young researchers engaged in scholarly research on the Olympic Movement, its history and values, and the impact of the Olympic Games on the various aspects of contemporary society and culture.
Three precise objectives

The objectives of this programme are as follows:

1) Encourage young researchers to undertake research with a humanities or social sciences perspective on the Olympic phenomena. The main fields of research include:

   - The Olympic Movement’s Contribution to Society: Challenges and Opportunities.
   - Young People and their Relationship with Sport and Olympism (Interest, Participation and Engagement).
   - The Various Aspects of the Legacy of the Olympic Games. How can an Olympic City Remain “Olympic”?
   - Career Changes for Elite Athletes: from Conscious to Practical Realisation.
   - Multimedia and Sport: Future Issues.

2) Promote consultation of the IOC’s written and audiovisual patrimony.

3) Encourage exchanges of information and networking of young researchers from different disciplines and countries.

Who can apply?
The programme is open to all current postgraduate students (doctoral candidates), as well as university professors who have completed their doctorate or equivalent terminal degree in the last five years and currently hold an academic appointment.
Selection Committee
The Selection Committee for the programme is composed of experts who are world-renowned for the quality of their research linked to Olympism, and members of the OSC.
Submitting applications 
Application files must be sent to the OSC by e-mail ( or by post no later than 30 September 2009.

Application forms
 Individual application for (WORD document)
 Collective application for (WORD document)

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