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06 Jul 2007
IOC News , 119th Session

2009 Olympic Congress: First-ever public consultation

The 13th Olympic Congress, to be held in Copenhagen in October 2009, will include a public consultation for the first time in the history of Olympic congresses. This public sounding on some of the themes of the Congress will be launched in early 2008 on, the official website of the Olympic Movement, IOC President Jacques Rogge announced today at the 119th IOC Session in Guatemala City.
“This is the first Congress of the millennium, and the first one since the start of the digital revolution. Even if the Olympic Congress is primarily for the Olympic family, we need to take the pulse using the modern methods available to us, and in particular open up to the public”, President Rogge explained to the IOC members gathered in Guatemala. The Editorial Committee will then choose the most relevant contributions for inclusion in the Congress proceedings.
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