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17 Mar 2005
Olympic News

2006 OG in Turin: 11 commemorative coins

Eleven legal tender commemorative coins, six silver and five gold, issued on four different dates starting in March 2005: such, in a nutshell, is the coin programme of the XX Olympic Winter Games in 2006 in Turin, which was presented on 16 March in Rome at the Italian National Olympic Committee’s Salone d’Onore (Salon of Honour).

The Numismatic Programme has become a tradition at almost all the editions of the Olympic Games: the first coin was issued in Finland on the occasion of the Helsinki 1952 Games. Since then, the Games have seen many coin productions, usually based on themes related to sports or to the territory, fauna, art and culture of the host country.

First coins in Italy
But the 2006 Olympic Games coins are the first ever issued in Italy’s Olympic history: no coins were minted for the Cortina Games in 1956, nor those in Rome in 1960.

Pictograms and emblematic monuments
The coins, whose principal aim is still to promote the Olympic event, will feature the official pictograms representing the Olympic winter sports, and several prominent monuments in Turin. The final issue, scheduled for January 2006, is intended to illustrate the Olympic Torch Relay.

Promoting the Games
“Eleven months out from the XX Olympic Winter Games,” commented Mario Pescante, the Supervisor of the 2006 Games in Turin, “issuing commemorative coins is a key moment in the promotion of the Games, winter sports and Italy as a whole. The coins will also be part of the characteristic Look of the 2006 Games.”

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