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BA2018 Courtesy of Buenos Aires City Tourist Board
05 Apr 2018
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Buenos Aires 2018

15 reasons why we love Buenos Aires 2018: No.6 – Multiculturalism

As the countdown to the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Buenos Aires 2018 continues, we are highlighting 15 reasons to get excited ahead of the 3rd Summer YOG…

For more than a century, Buenos Aires has felt the benefits of widespread immigration from around the world, which makes “the Paris of South America” – so-called for its grand architecture and European aesthetic – a truly multicultural city, and one of the most diverse in the whole of the Americas.

Naturally, the YOG will pay homage to the Argentinian capital’s multicultural heritage. The official emblem of the Games is a proud nod to the city’s rich diversity, as each letter represents a well-known landmark found in one of its 48 barrios, from the Floralis Genérica sculpture in Recoleta to the Torre Espacial in Villa Soldati.

BA2018 Courtesy of Buenos Aires City Tourist Board

In fact, the celebrations are already well under way courtesy of the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee’s (BAYOGOC) cultural, educational and sport programme, which is taking place in the lead-up to the Games in October.

The project includes local youth participation in the 32 sports on the Buenos Aires programme as well as the “One World, Many Worlds” initiative, which will involve 206 schools in the capital researching the history and traditions of the 206 countries that have a National Olympic Committee (NOC). The programme aims to reach half a million children and young people before the start of the YOG.

As for the Games themselves, the Youth Olympic Park – one of the four parks hosting events during the YOG – will focus on the theme of diversity, with a whole host of activities centred on multiculturalism, singularity, plurality, gender equality and collective construction open to athletes, spectators and all those visiting during the two weeks of competition.

BA2018 Courtesy of Buenos Aires City Tourist Board

Located in the Southern District of Buenos Aires and in front of the Youth Olympic Village, the Youth Olympic Park is guaranteed to be a vibrant hub throughout the YOG, one that will no doubt do justice to the city’s reputation as a melting pot of cultures.

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