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26 Feb 2004
Olympic News

12,000 torches for Turin 2006

The Organising Committee for the XX Olympic Winter Games in Turin (TOROC) has signed a partnership agreement with Pininfarina for the design, production and supply of 12,000 torches. The torches will be used for the Torch Relay, which ends in the Olympic Stadium on 10 February 2006 after a long journey through Italy.

High technical requirements
The Olympic torch must conform to specific technical requirements: it cannot be relit, the flame must not go out even in adverse weather conditions like rain, snow and wind up to 70 kph; the flame must not burn higher than 10 cm in the air; and each torch must have a burning time of about 20 minutes.To be visible day and night on television, the flame generated must have a yellow-red colour; while the smoke must be non-toxic and odour free.

Coherent with the vision of Turin 2006
The torch must be coherent with the position and vision of Turin 2006, and compatible with the primary communication elements of the XX Olympic Winter Games: the emblem, the concept of “fervour” and the graphic format.

Pre-eminence of Italian design
The project should express the pre-eminence of Italian design around the world, and at the same time be a demonstration of the universal values promoted by the Olympic Movement. It will have to distinguish itself from previous torches and have an artistic and design harmony. "It is gratifying for us," said Pininfarina Managing Director Andrea Pininfarina, "to be a partner of the Olympic Games and to support a project that the entire country believes in."

Two months to cross all 20 of Italy's regions.
More than 10,000 torchbearers will carry the Olympic torch along an 11,000-kilometre route. An average of 160 torchbearers a day will run with the Olympic flame in the national territory, with the last lap closing the relay route, embodying the theme of passion: Turin 2006. Stage after stage, the passage of the torch will communicate the features of absolute excellence that Italy enjoys: the environment, art and culture, taste, sport, style and design, innovation and technology.

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