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03 Nov 2006
IOC News

11th World Sport for All Congress calls for urgent and concrete actions

The 11th World Sport for All Congress this morning concluded its work in Havana after two and a half days of productive discussions on the challenges of physical activity.
The Congress in its final declaration stressed that for the sake of the youth of the world, it is time for urgent, real, targeted multi-sectoral action – in health, education and sport sectors - at all levels of society and government in regard to physical activity, and therefore.
It therefore called on governments and public authorities at all levels, in consultation with NGOs and other organisations, to
  • Develop national physical activity guidelines and targets
  • Ensure the provision of community sport and recreation facilities, including accessible, clean open space
  • Actively promote the need for personal physical activity through commitment, support and leadership
  • Ensure increased provision of physical education
  • Recognise that such actions are a good investment, significantly reducing public health costs and having major social benefits
As it is organised under the patronage of the IOC and the Sport for All Commission, the Congress also:
1. Called on National Olympic Committees (NOCs), International Federations (IFs) and other Olympic Movement organisations, working with education, health and sport authorities, NGOs and private sector organisations, and taking into account local factors and considerations, to:
Develop or expand at least one major Sport for All campaign each, taking into consideration local factors and needs, concentrating on the following:
  • A community sport and recreation programme, in particular through clubs
  • Education and public awareness, including promotion at all levels of sport, including major events, of the benefits of physical activity
  • Support for facilities and clean open spaces for Sport For All
  • Physical Education and promotion of healthy lifestyle in schools
  • Ensuring such a campaign or programme is sustainable
2. Encouraged NOCs, IFs and other Olympic Movement organisations to lobby and support governments and other organisations, particularly in developing countries to develop campaigns.
3. Asked NOCs, IFs and other Olympic Movement organisations to make as a deadline for the creation of such campaigns the 12th Sport for All Congress to be held in Malaysia in November 2008, with that Congress to hear, review and build on the results of those efforts, in particular in regard to the youth of the world.
The full text of the declaration is available.
IOC President experiences Cuban Sport for All activities
In parallel to the Congress, IOC President Jacques Rogge met with First Vice-President Raul Castro as well as with Cuban sports leaders, including the National Olympic Committee led by its charismatic President Jose Fernandez. Rogge also took part in various sports activities across Havana, exchanging with young kids and older people on the benefit of practicing physical activity on a daily basis. He also had the opportunity to attend a “Sport for All” gymnastics festival organised by the city of Havana and gathering some 200 people from all generations.
The President gave a press conference before leaving to Jamaica where is due to meet with the National Olympic Committee and local sports representatives over the weekend.

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