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07 Apr 2005
IOC News , 117th Session


Earlier this week, the IOC sent technical information regarding the 117th IOC Session to broadcasters who initially expressed their interest in covering the event and who already sent their requirements. This information contains details on available space, editing and recording facilities, live positions as well as a comprehensive rate card for standard facilities and services.


Broadcasters who have not yet contacted the IOC, are requested to do so as soon as possible. All bookings and requests for further information should be made through the IOC, contact Manolo Romero (, tel: +34 914263069, fax: +34 914263072). The deadline for bookings is 30 April 2005 and priority for facilities and services will be given to broadcasters from the countries of Candidate Cities.


For all information on the proceedings of the Session, accreditation, accommodation, media access and working facilities, please contact the IOC Communications Department on +41 21 621 6111, e-mail:

Please note that accreditation is now being processed directly through the IOC website. Broadcasters (including technicians) wishing to cover the meetings are requested to fill out their accreditation application by 31 May on
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