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07 May 2010

11 May 2010 - Agora: Athletes et Science - Technology at the service of sport

Discussion hosted by Marie-Laure Viola, journalist at the TSR, and Jean-Philippe Rapp - In French.

Scientific evolutions can be seen at all levels of sport. Athletes understand better their bodies and limits, thanks to new knowledge. Applied research forms revolutionary materials. Special audiovisual and IT processes are part of coaching and refereeing and even spectators’ enjoyment.

How does new technology measure the level of an athlete’s muscular performance by calculating the power, strength and speed of a sporting movement in five minutes? What importance should be given to technical and tactical analysis through new IT software? What are the advantages of intermittent hypoxia training? Do cryotherapy chambers represent the future in athletes’ recovery and improving performances?

To reply to these questions in simple terms and to be accessible to everyone, several exclusive reports will punctuate this Agora.


With the participation of our guests:


Stéphane Diagana, double world champion and European champion in athletics, a 400m hurdles specialist

Jan-Anders Manson, EPFL Vice-President

Grégoire Millet, UNIL Professor

Dr Daniela Cerqui, UNIL anthropologist
Georges Vigarello, sociologist


This AGORA is being organised in the framework of the Athletes and Science exhibition, being held at The Olympic Museum until 13 March 2011.


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