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01 Oct 2010

10th Museums Night: a great success for the first decade

Last Saturday, the Museums Night proved a great success to celebrate its 10th anniversary. And The Olympic Museum attracted a record 3,300 visitors, more than 1,300 of whom took part in the various activities offered by the Cultural and Educational Services section.

Harking back to this year’s football World Cup, the museums encouraged their visitors to express their joy and enthusiasm by becoming “cultural” fans. From 2 p.m. to 2 a.m., 23 first division Lausanne museums were thus offering a whole range of interesting events.

The Olympic Museum was no exception, building its appeal around the numerous possibilities offered by the Athletes & Science exhibition. Guided tours under the expert leadership of a young researcher from Lausanne University’s Sports Sciences Institute; build-your-own zoetrope sessions, an activity combining science, sport and cinema; the chance to taste some improbable but delicious creations produced by molecular cooking; an entertaining laboratory session of testing and movement; and a video remix, an audiovisual work capturing sporting movements.

©IOC/ Bertrand Rey

The high point of this exciting and unusual programme was an experience never before tried in Switzerland: live motion capture. From Marey’s chronophotography to 3D images, the story of motion capture was told by a less-than virtual film character. This event attracted no fewer than 750 interested visitors!

©IOC/ Bertrand Rey

The icing on the Museums Night 10th anniversary cake was the 25 museum logo stickers for the cultural fans, in a reference to the Panini albums.


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