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22 Nov 2012
Nanjing 2014 , YOG

10 reasons why Nanjing is such an awesome city to host the YOG!

Thanks to its rich culture, long history and beautiful landscape, Nanjing is one of the coolest cities in China. Here are 10 reasons why this modern Chinese city is so awesome and the perfect location for the next Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2014.

1. Nanjing is one of the oldest cities in China and served as the country’s capital through six different dynasties – including the famous Liang and Ming dynasties – beginning almost 1,800 years ago!

2. Throughout history it has been known by many different names, including Jinling, Moling, Jianye, Jiankang, Jiangning, Yingtian ,Tianjing and The Stone City.

3. The city is home to the sixth longest suspension bridge in the world, which stretches an incredible 1,418m across the Yangtze River. It would take top Olympic athletes almost three-and-a-half minutes to run across it!

4. US rapper Kanye West lived in Nanjing for a year when he was 10, as his mother was a visiting professor at one of the city’s universities!

5. Nanjing’s Zifeng Tower is the seventh tallest building in the world, reaching a whopping 450m into the sky!

6. With several universities and colleges of higher education, Nanjing is home to more than 100,000 students, making it a great location for the next Summer Youth Olympic Games!

7. Nanjing attracts thousands of tourists each year, who come to enjoy the city’s lush green parks, scenic lakes and mountains, and visit cultural sites such as the ancient city walls and historic monuments.

8. Nanjing also hosts several spectacular festivals each year, including the Jinling Lanterns Fair in January, the International Plum Festival in early spring, dragon boat races in May, and the Fuzimiao (Confucius Temple) Festival in September.

9. Food fans will love the local specialty – salted duck – which has been prepared in Nanjing for over a thousand years!

10. But our top reason why Nanjing is such an awesome city is the fact that it will host the second Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2014!

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