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09 Sep 2004
IOC News

"You have won"

Since the Closing Ceremony of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, congratulations have been expressed many times to the thousands of volunteers who made the Games happen. At a recognition ceremony, the President of the Organising Committee, Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki, expressed her gratitude with the following words: “You have won. You – the volunteers of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games- have shown everyone that a volunteer movement exists in Greece, that there is a willingness to offer as long as there is inspiration and a goal.”

Heart and the soul of the Olympic Games
According to Angelopoulos, the volunteers were the heart and soul, the smile and face of the Games. She told the volunteers that “the experience of participation in this major undertaking, in this successful effort, will bind us all together forever. Because all together we organised ‘unforgettable, dream Games’. And now we shall all be able to tell everyone about this magical experience and be able to say ‘ I was there too’”.

Next volunteer possibility in Turin
In 2006, the spotlight of the entire world will be on Turin. The eyes of millions of people will follow the greatest sports event in the history of Italy and the people who will make it possible: the volunteers of the Noi2006 Team. Those people who accept the opportunity to be there; those, who with passion and enthusiasm, will make the Games of Turin unforgettable.

"NOI 2006": 350 activities
The volunteers of the Noi2006 Team will be the heart of the Games. Hosts and hostesses of the event, they will perform more than 350 activities: they will handle the reception, accreditation and ticketing; they will prepare the tracks, drive the official cars, provide services for the press, the athletes and the sponsors, and much more.

Learn more (Official site of Turin 2006)
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