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13 Nov 2003
IOC News

"Try a Trade" Day

Today, 21 sons and daughters of International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Olympic Museum staff accompanied their mother or father to work. This day fits into the framework of the awareness-raising programme run by several Swiss cantons to allow primary and secondary school pupils (aged 9 to 15) to discover the most diverse professions.

Various jobs
Throughout this exploration day, the pupils had the opportunity to discover the work linked to communication and marketing in particular, as well as the various activities (reception, library, photo library, education, etc.) of the Olympic Museum.

The five rings
Interviewed after a first visit to the offices, the children said they were impressed and fascinated, as much by the place as the general atmosphere. Maxime (12) was particularly interested in the premises, such as the conference rooms and the garage sheltering the company cars bearing the Olympic symbol. Another Maxime discovered the enormous photocopiers and other machines in the reprography room. The children particularly liked the Lausanne buildings.

Proud and passionate
Félix (12) said he was proud that his aunt works at the IOC. Edward considers the work of his parents, both Olympic Museum staff, as difficult but fascinating. "I adore sport and I am happy that my father works in this field," said Maxime.

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