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07 Jul 2005
IOC News , 117th Session

"The IOC’s situation is good"

“The IOC’s situation is good.”  With these words, President Jacques Rogge concluded his report to the 117th IOC Session in Singapore; a report published exactly half-way through his term of office (2001-2009).  “The IOC benefited from the excellent Games in Salt Lake City and Athens. Our financial resources and their redistribution to our partners are at their highest-ever level. We benefit from numerous, excellent candidatures, as well as from the confidence of our partners in the business, television and political worlds”, he underlined.
At the centre of the Games’ mission
Rogge reminded the members that the Olympic Games are at the centre of the IOC’s mission. “The Games allow us to promote sport and its educational role for young people. They enable the IOC to support the Olympic Movement, and they promote the values of Olympism”, declared the President.
Resounding success of Athens
The President recalled the resounding success of the Athens Games, which were also marked by progress in the fight against doping and a 49% increase in TV coverage. As regards the judging problems in certain sports, Rogge reassured the members that this subject had been discussed constructively with the International Sports Federations concerned, which have intelligently and courageously modified their judging rules.
Increasing the quality of the Games
The IOC President nevertheless remains convinced that the quality of the Games can be increased, particularly through a policy of controlling their size, cost and complexity. He confirmed that, of the 117 measures decided upon in 2003 in Prague, 26 per cent had already been implemented in Athens, and that all of them would be implemented by 2012.
Very positive financial assessment
This sound financial health allowed the IOC year to increase its contributions to the Olympic Movement last year, with USD 254 million for the International Federations (+50 per cent compared to previous Games) and USD 244 million to Olympic Solidarity (+16 per cent compared to the previous quadrennial period).
Looking ahead
The IOC’s excellent financial future is demonstrated in two areas: sponsorship and broadcast rights, with a predicted increase of 31 per cent for the period 2005-2008. Some USD 3 billion are predicted for television rights to the Games in 2010 and 2012 (compared to USD 2.5 billion for 2006 and 2008). “We must nonetheless remain cautious”, said Rogge, “For now, these financial resources are still virtual; we shall not obtain them if the Games are not held successfully.”
Promotion of values
The President underlined the excellent work of the IOC commissions, especially the efforts undertaken to facilitate athletes’ integration after their sports careers; the promotion of women in the Olympic Movement; the environment; protection of athletes’ health; the fight against doping; and the promotion of culture and education. Re-injecting the revenues gained through successful managing of the Olympic Games, the IOC sees 25 per cent of its budgets and more than 30 per cent of its human resources devoted to activities linked to promoting the Olympic values.
In conclusion, the IOC President thanked the members for their active support. “The IOC is privileged to be able to count on 116 members with a vast wealth of experience, and great and complementary individual qualities.”

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