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10 Aug 2004
IOC News

"The Games are at the heart of our mission"

In the framework of the 116th Session, the IOC President, Jacques Rogge, presented his activity report to the 124 IOC members. In it, he stressed the role that the IOC has to play within the Olympic Movement: "At the heart of this mission, we have the Games. The Games enable us to promote sport and its educational role for young people. They allow the IOC to support the Olympic Movement and promote the values of Olympism."

Controlling the size, complexity and cost of the Games
According to President Rogge, the quality of the Games can be improved by a policy of controlling the size, complexity and cost of the Games. “There is an intelligent way to manage the cost and complexity of the Games without affecting their quality – quite the reverse, in fact,” he emphasised. The Prague Session in 2003 approved 117 measures to this end, of which 26% have already been implemented for Athens, in less than a year.

Review of the Olympic programme
Improving the quality of the Olympic Games is also the job of the Olympic Programme Commission, the IOC President believes. In agreement with the International Sports Federations and the National Olympic Committees, this Commission has developed criteria to enable the sports to be evaluated after Athens. The IOC members will be looking at the future Games programme for the first time at the 117th Session in Singapore next year, then systematically after each edition of the Games.

Excellent financial results
To accomplish its mission, the IOC needs resources, both financial and human. The IOC President was pleased to announce excellent financial results. The TOP VI sponsorship programme (for the period from 2005 to 2008) is already finalised, even before the end of the TOP V programme (2001-2004). As Jacques Rogge explained, "We have never before been ready so early, even before the preceding Games have taken place."

Successful TV rights negotiations
Where television rights were concerned, the President announced that, once all negotiations were completed, the worldwide rights to the Games in 2010 and 2012 would be worth more than three billion US dollars. For Jacques Rogge, this success is due to two reasons: the great experience of the TV and Internet Rights Commission members and the external experts involved in the negotiations; and the decision to invite tenders from all the players in the market.

Promoting the Olympic values
Jacques Rogge concluded his report by recalling that the IOC’s role and unique position in the sports world were based on promoting the values of Olympism in the following areas: advancement of women; protecting the health of athletes; the fight against doping; defending the environment; promoting culture and education; humanitarian activities; sport for all; the Olympic Truce; and the essential role of the Museum.

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