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10 Jun 2004
IOC News

"Sports, a universal dialogue"

Pursuing its policy of promoting education and culture through sport, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is closely involved in the World Forum in Barcelona (10 - 12 June 2004) entitled "Sports, a universal dialogue". "Pierre de Coubertin’s vision is more relevant today than ever. Sport plays an important role in education and is the vehicle for values such as respect, tolerance and solidarity", stressed IOC President Jacques Rogge at the Forum opening ceremony.

Three main themes: culture, sustainable development and peace
At the Forum, three main themes will be addressed “Education and culture at the service of Olympism”, "Sport and sustainable development” and “Sport and conditions for peace”. “All of these themes are of key importance”, President Rogge declared in his speech.

Efficient network
The Olympic Movement can rely on an efficient network for the active dissemination of the values linked to Olympism, with its 202 National Olympic Committees, the national Olympic academies and the International Olympic Academy in Greece, as well as numerous museums around the world like the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.

All aspects of culture
Sport links together all aspects of culture, as shown in the Cultural Olympiads and the competitions such as the “Art and Sport” and “Sport and Literature” contests, or the Olympiart prize. Nor is the cinema forgotten, with the IOC’s recent acquisition of the film by Leni Riefenstahl.

"The Olympic Games must leave an important legacy"
According to its President, the IOC and the Olympic Movement as a whole also encourage other values and subjects which will be discussed in Barcelona. “I am thinking particularly of sustainable development. In 1992, Barcelona showed how to integrate a major event like the Olympic Summer Games into an urban network. Wherever they are held, the Olympic Games must leave behind an important legacy”, Jacques Rogge concluded.

Peace and the Olympic ideal
The Olympic family is also behind initiatives to promote peace. The Olympic Truce (“Ekecheiria”), revived in 1992 on the occasion of the Games in Barcelona, raises awareness among countries of the values of peace and the Olympic ideal.

Official website of the 2004 Barcelona Forum
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