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21 Aug 2004
IOC News

"Pindemonium" at the Olympic Games

“Pindemonium” has broken out at the Olympic Games in Athens. Volunteers, drivers, athletes and the public all have one passion: to get and exchange as many attractive pins as possible. To show them off they stick them to the accreditation card, bags and clothes.

Phevos and Athena
Among the most popular pins featuring the Olympic mascots, Phevos and Athena, and those depicting Greek gods such as Zeus, Poseidon and Nike.

Coca Colas pin trading center
Continuing a tradition that began in 1988, Coca-Cola in Athens again hosts the official site for Olympic pin trading - "the No. 1 spectator sport" at the Olympic Games. The Coca-Cola Official Pin Trading Center offers fans more than 100 new pin designs to purchase and trade.

"Pin of the Day"
Also available is the popular Coca-Cola "Pin of the Day" series that invariably catches the attention of serious and novice collectors alike. This year's Pin of the Day series represents the 17 Olympic Summer Games that have been previously held since The Coca-Cola Company first became involved with the Olympic Movement - from Amsterdam 1928 through Sydney 2000.

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