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“Olympic Winter Games – A Challenge and a Chance for Future Host Cities”

21 Feb 2006
Olympic News

These days the International Olympic Committee (IOC) focuses more and more attention on what the Olympic Games leave from an economic, urban, social and historical aspect on the host city, host country and its inhabitants. Cities bidding to host the Olympic Games are now required to thoroughly demonstrate how their plans will leave a positive legacy.
Current themes in Turin
This issue is of optimum importance for the IOC and also for the many Olympic researchers meeting in Turin for the scientific symposium entitled “The Olympic Winter Games – A Challenge and a Chance for Future Host Cities” and organised by the Olympics and Mega Events Research Observatory (OMERO*) of the University of Turin, in cooperation with the Olympia research team from the University of Mainz (Germany).
For several past editions of the Games, researchers from all over the world have come to present and exchange information on their current research projects on during the Games themselves, establishing in a way a new Olympic tradition.
From the history to the cultural and environmental legacy of the Winter Games
In Turin, some 50 participants from 15 countries have been able to learn about research and analysis on subjects as varied as the history of the Games; the importance of the volunteers; the cultural and education values linked to Olympism in the framework of the Games; the management and organisation of major events such as the Olympic Games; the communications aspect, particularly the presence and influence of the internet; the economic impact of the Games; and their social, sporting, cultural and environmental legacy on the host city, region and country.
2014 Olympic Winter Games
The seven Applicant Cities for the XXII Olympic Winter Games 2014 are Almaty (Kazakhstan), Borjomi (Georgia), Jaca (Spain) PyeongChang (Republic of Korea), Salzburg (Austria), Sochi (Russia) and Sofia (Bulgaria). The decision on which cities should become Candidate Cities will be taken on 21 to 23 June 2006 by the IOC Executive Board, and the final decision on the host city for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games will be taken by the 119th IOC Session in July 2007 in Guatemala City.
*OMERO also created the 2006 Olympic Winter Games Olympic Studies Centre in Turin.
To find out more about OMERO and the research it carries out on the cultural and environmental aspects of the Games, as well as their legacy for the city of Turin and the valley resorts, go to:
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