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"New Beijing. Great Olympics"

05 Nov 2003
Olympic News

The movie "New Beijing. Great Olympics" by famous Chinese director Zhang Yimou won the "Olympic Museum" Award at the International Festival of Sport Movies and TV held in Milan (Italy).

Promotional film
"New Beijing. Great Olympics" was a promotional film for the successful bid to host the Games of the XXIX Olympiad. The "Olympic Museum" Award was presented in the "Documentary: Reportage - Individual Sport" section.

Zatopek, an Olympic Legend
The Olympic Magazine, aired on Eurosport, was awarded the "Garland of honour" in the category "Documentary: Great Champions" on the same occasion. The prize was given for the film "Zatopek, an Olympic Legend" by Christian Seychal.

192 films
The Sports Movies and TV International Festival is the most important international celebration of sports movies and television productions. At its 21st edition, this year held in Milan, 192 films from 42 countries were competing, showcasing more than 60 different sports.

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