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02 Nov 2011
Innsbruck 2012 , YOG

#ICOPYU: Tweet your pose and you could win a trip to Innsbruck 2012

We’ve all done it… thrown our arms out to the side, raised them to the sky and “done a Usain Bolt”.

Hey, the YOG team has even been known to mimic Lindsey Vonn’s Olympic victory celebration on the slopes. Complete with makeshift chair-come-podium and waving of poles to fictional crowd.

Yes, we have all dreamed of swapping places with our sporting heroes at some point, but whoever knew that such fantasising could win you prizes?

Well, today, the YOG team is launching its fantastic new Twitter contest #ICOPYU, giving you the chance to win a trip to Innsbruck 2012 just by copying your favourite athletes.

All you have to do is follow this step-by-step guide:
1 – Go to:
2 - Pick an athlete photo
3 –Take a photo of you mimicking that pose
4 - Tweet your photo here

Fans can vote for their favourite photo. The competition ends on 10 December.

Contest rules

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