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11 Nov 2004
IOC News

"How can I become President of the IOC?"

Twenty sons and daughters of International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Olympic Museum staff accompanied their mother or father to work today. This day, called Oser tous les Métiers [Dare to do a Job], is part of the awareness-raising programme run by several Swiss cantons to allow primary and secondary school pupils (aged nine to 15) to discover the most diverse professions. The most “daring” question was asked by Scott, aged 11: “How can I become President of the IOC?”.

Diverse professions
Throughout this exploration day, the pupils had the opportunity to discover jobs linked to communications and marketing, as well as various other activities (reception, library, photo library, education, etc.) at the Olympic Museum.

Many nationalities
Interviewed after a first visit to the IOC headquarters, the children said they were impressed and fascinated, as much by the place as the general atmosphere. “The place is beautiful, and there are many different professions to discover”, said 13 year-old Orphélie”. Lucille, aged 13, added “I think the IOC is great. There are lots of people of different nationalities working here.” Eleven year-old Nico stated that there were many important personalities at the IOC.

Fans of the Olympic Games
The children are also real fans of the Olympic Games. “During the Games, we find out about sports we would like to try”, said 11 year-old Francesca. Axel, aged 12, shared this point of view: “We see sports on television that we don’t see very often. That’s good.” And 13 year-old Anouck thought that, after the Games, we want to do more sport ourselves.

“I would like to be an Olympic champion”
The young visitors are athletes themselves: among other sports, they take part in gymnastics, basketball, tennis, rowing, volleyball, running and horse-riding. Scott had the final word: “One day, I would like to be an Olympic champion”.
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