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"Countdown Clock" for Turin 2006

10 Feb 2004
Olympic News

The 2006 Olympic Winter Games are drawing near and the countdown has begun. On Monday 9 February 2004, the Organising Committee for the Games in Turin (TOROC) put on a great show in the Piazza Castello to present the five-metre high "Countdown Clock", provided by Swatch, the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games.

New fervour to the city's expectation
This event added new fervour to the city's expectations for the world's most important sports event. The showdown involved a performance of one of the most renowned international theatre groups: an extraordinary combo of dancers, performers and acrobats who created scenic elements in three dimensions that enveloped the spectators in an all-round experience. Video, lasers and lights used innovatively merged with powerful scenographic and technical systems, creating an experience that caught the spectators’ attention and overwhelmed their emotions.

Key event: unveiling of the Clock
The key event was the unveiling of the Countdown Clock, till then hidden under scaffolding in the Piazza Castello. Dancers and acrobats revealed a towering block of ice, five metres high, almost two metres wide and 60 centimetres deep, with a giant colourful Swatch trapped inside, “frozen” in the ice.

Frozen, but still moving, the Swatch's digital display shows the word COUNTDOWN in glowing dark blue light, with the number of days and seconds to go until the Turin 2006 Olympic Winter Games begin.

Since the 1932 Los Angeles Games
The Countdown Clock for Turin 2006 also highlights the role of Swatch as the Official Timekeeper and Partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The relationship between the Olympic Games and Swatch Group companies dates back to the 1932 Games in Los Angeles, and continues today with the development and on-site use of the most advanced technologies in sports scoring and timekeeping.

Official Timekeeper
As Official Timekeeper, Swatch assures the accuracy of both Winter and Summer Games’ scoring and competition results, and ensures that all results are delivered as quickly as possible to the public on-site.

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