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06 Feb 2004
IOC News

"Bellissimo!" Young people from Piedmont discover the Olympic Museum…

In the framework of activities organised by the Organising Committee for the XX Olympic Winter Games in Turin, the Olympic Museum, in collaboration with the people responsible for TOROC’s education programme, is hosting groups of
schoolchildren from the Piedmont region and the valleys that will play host to the competitions in 2006.

40 to 50 schools in 2004
The action kicked off in October 2002 and will continue until the opening of the Olympic Games. During the 2002-2003 season, the Museum hosted some 20 schools. In 2004, 40 to 50 schools are expected.

Young visitor's guide
The young people watch a film and then visit the Museum, using the Italian version of the Young Visitor’s Guide. Two guides accompany the schoolchildren and answer their questions. A questionnaire is given to them at the end of their visit.

Preparation for hosting the Games
This visit of the Olympic Museum is very popular. It prepares the young people to host the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in their region and enables them to learn more about how they are organised and staged.

Emotion, dreams, appeal…. "bellissimo!"
When asked what they liked the most, they mentioned the torches, the objects, the sports equipment, the technical developments and the interactive terminals. When asked to describe the Museum in one word, the most popular terms were “Emotion”, “Dream”, “Interesting”, “Original”, “Appeal” and “Bellissimo”!

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