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Nagano 1998 Medal Getty Images Europe

On the obverse, the rising sun in Maki-e, surrounded by olive branches and accompanied by the emblem in cloisonné. On the reverse, the emblem of the Games in Maki-e, with the sun rising over the Shinshu mountains.

To convey local characteristics the 1998 Olympic Winter Games medals were created in lacquer (Kiso lacquer). The decoration technique adopted was embossed gilding (or Maki-e), with so-called shippoyaki (i.e. cloisonné techniques) and precision metals work. The lacquered parts were done individually by artists from the Kiso region.

Composition: 1st Place (Gilt silver; Lacquer), 2nd Place (Gilt silver; Lacquer), 3rd Place (Bronze; Lacquer)
Diameter: 80 mm
Mint: Japan Mint

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