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Time and the Games

The reservations desk for schools and groups of children is closed from 5 July to 15 August 2016. As from 15 August 2016, it will again be possible to reserve coached visits and workshops, as well as tablets for the permanent and temporary exhibitions. A pre-reservation form is available here.


Using examples from the Olympic Games, the visit addresses three different aspects of the relationship between sport and time : time and sport in history, measuring sporting time, and athlete time.


Ages 9 and over




  • Because time plays a central role in sport.
  • To learn that the measure of time is only one of the aspects of the relationship between time and sport.


Visit with a coach + workshop (reservation required)

Price: CHF 15 per child

Visit of a selection of areas of the permanent exhibition with a coach

  • The pupils think about the relativity of the notion of a “record”, comparing performances from different eras.
  • They classify different sports according to their relationship with time (limited – unlimited time).
  • They discover different “athlete times” (training, competition, etc.).


  • The pupils understand how the photo-finish camera works through a playful approach based on experimentation.

TOM resources available on the theme

TOM SCHOOLS – Information and activity sheets on “Measuring Time” and “Analysing Motion, Performance and Sporting Records”


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Pre-booking form for coached visits, workshops and visits with tablets only.
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