Lausanne-Tokyo AR

When technology brings cultures together


In the framework of our temporary programme on the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, bring your pupils along to learn about the codes of Japanese culture.

The workshop

Accompanied by a TOM coach, the pupils will learn about the history and culture of Japan, and will be invited to express their creativity by producing an “augmented collage” on tablets using a library of images inspired by Japanese culture.

The Lausanne-Tokyo AR workshop will be an opportunity to explore augmented reality (AR) technology * and discuss cultural differences and diversity.

Thanks to this creative experience, the two cultures (of Japan and Switzerland) lie side by side in a single image, with the specific characteristics of each highlighted. By playing with shapes and interacting with different elements, the pupils will create effects that can be poetic, unexpected, comic and even fantastic.

The workshop provides a chance to learn about the world and stimulate your pupils’ curiosity.

* Augmented reality is a technique which adds virtual elements (texts, images, animation, etc.) to our real-world environment, to enrich and add to what we see and do.

To introduce the topic or prolong your experience in class, take a look at our Experience and learn about the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 educational kit (available as of February 2020), which contains ready-to-use information and activity suggestions.


Ages 6 and upwards


From 28 April to 30 Octobre 2020


CHF 7 per pupil, which includes:

  • Self-guided tour of the temporary exhibition with your class
  • A 30-minute workshop in the Studio

Your entrance ticket also gives you access to the permanent exhibition and allows you to reserve tablets.


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TOM resources available on this topic

Educational kit: Experience and learn about the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and Visit Guide (available as of February 2020)


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