I Shot Sport


As part of its “Art of Sports Photography” programme, The Olympic Museum invites your pupils to discover the greatest images in sport! Understanding the intention of the photographer, interpreting the pictures, feeling and expressing their emotions: the children will have all they need to become budding sports photographers!

The “I Shot Sport” educational package immerses the pupils in the technical and magical universe of sports photography. Smile, you’re on camera!


Ages 9 and above
Except for the special school excursion programme , which is for ages 6 and above


From 31 May to 17 November 2017


To learn about sports photography, discover the keys to interpreting this type of image, and learn fun tips to become a budding sports photographer.


Option 1: Coached visit + Workshop (reservation required)

Price: CHF 15 per child

Tour of the temporary exhibition with a coach

  • An opportunity to retrace the history of photography through 180 photos, dating from 1843 to the present day. From the first daguerreotypes to digital photos, sports photographers have played a prominent role in the evolution of photography. Whether they feature Olympic Games, team sports, or life off the field of play, their shots freeze the action and present what the naked eye cannot see. Pupils look at the sports photos during the visit and learn the technical vocabulary necessary to understand the image.


  • In the studio the pupils learn about the concept of “exposure”. They experiment with short and multiple exposures and try to create their own remarkable images. The aim is to understand the aesthetic and analytical functions of sports images, but also to learn in a fun way about the various graphic possibilities that they offer.
Multiple exposure Short exposure



Video to lead a workshop on short and multiple exposure techniques with your pupils.

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Option 2: Self-guided visit with tablet (reservation required)

Price: CHF 7 per child

Tablet with proposed exhibition route

  • Designed to help teachers lead a tour of the temporary exhibition.
  • Route suggestion with stopping points.
  • Each stop addresses a key notion of the exhibition: history and technique of sports photography, image composition, interpretation

TOM resources available on this theme

 Visit guide for the “Who Shot Sports” exhibition
 Info and activity sheets on sports photography (classroom material)
 The Art of Sports Photography, from prints to images: 1835-2017


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