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In the framework of the temporary programme “We are Olympians, and You ?” on the Olympic values, invite your pupils to think about respect, friendship, fair play and team spirit.

Using our visit guide, which is available online, prepare your visit and take your class around this new exhibition.

Then meet up with a TOM coach in the final exhibition space for a 30-minute workshop. The coach will lead a discussion between your pupils, encouraging them to think about values that are universal, in sport and in everyday life.

To introduce the topic or build on your experience in class, consult our worksheet on fair play and the Olympic values, which contains information and activity suggestions.

The workshop

Using “discussion cards” in small groups, the pupils will discuss and explore topics such as fair play, excelling yourself, team spirit and the necessary balance between mind and body. They will express and defend their opinions, before presenting the outcome of their discussions to the rest of the class.

During the discussion, the TOM coach will act as a facilitator, encouraging the pupils to think of examples in their daily lives and to find links with the Olympic Games context. The coach will contribute to the discussions by providing examples of role-model athletes. Depending on the age of your pupils, the coach will choose specific subjects and adapt their style of delivery.

At the end of the workshop, the pupils will be asked to take on a number of brief challenges in the exhibition together, in order to put the values into practice.

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Visit guide

This guide contains a suggested route to visit the exhibition. It is designed to help teachers lead a visit to the temporary exhibition.

It suggests various points along the exhibition route, each of which addresses a key notion of the exhibition and suggests an activity to be performed or a question to ask the pupils.

This document is free, and is available in English, French and German.


Ages 6 and upwards


30 April 2019 to 9 April 2020


In the framework of preparations for the Winter Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020, a preferential rate of CHF 7 per pupil applies, which includes:

  • A self-guided visit with your class
  • A 30-minute workshop in an area devoted to the exhibition.

Your entrance ticket also gives you access to the permanent exhibition.

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