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Destination Rio: harmonious diversity


Discover the host city of the 2016 Olympic Summer Games, Rio de Janeiro, a symbol of rhythm and diversity, and think about one’s own attitude to diversity and the conditions for living together successfully.


Ages 9 and over


From 1 March to 13 May and from 4 July to 23 September 2016


  • Make young visitors aware of the Olympic Games using the particular characteristics of the 2016 edition, marked by their Brazilian and Carioca identity.
  • Make the pupils think about their own attitude to diversity.


Option 1: Coached visit

Price: CHF 15 per child

Option 1: Visit with coach + workshop (reservation required)

Visit of a selection of the temporary exhibitions with a coach

  • The visit begins with an exploration of the identity of these Games, the first to be held in South America.
  • The experience continues with an exhibition which highlights the diversity found in Rio. How does the topography and history of migrations influence the creativity and dynamism of Rio? Between lush natural environment, football, celebrations, songs and music, how is this cultural mixing expressed?


  • A workshop entitled “All different, all winners” is held after the visit and focuses on the children, using various interactive elements to explore their attitude to diversity and the conditions for living together successfully.

Option 2: Free visit with a tablet (reservation required)

Price: CHF 7 per child

Tablet with a suggested exhibition route

  • Designed to help teachers arrange their own visit to the temporary exhibition.
  • Suggested route with five stops, with a presentation of the area and suggested activities for each stop.
  • Each stop addresses an element of the identity (geographical or symbolic) of the city of Rio:
    • nature
    • celebrations
    • the language of Brazil
    • dance
    • football

TOM resources available on the theme:

TOM SCHOOLS - Visitor’s Guide of the exhibition “Destination Rio”

TOM SCHOOLS - Information and activity sheets on the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (to be used in the classroom)

"Destination Rio" special program at the Museum from 10.02 to 25.09.2016