Design your Games!


In the framework of the “Olympic Language: a journey through the Look of the Games” programme, immerse your class in the visual world of the Olympic Games!

Create your own à la carte visit using our visit guide available on the Museum’s website, and use one of our tablets to take your class on a self-guided tour of this new exhibition.

Then explore the “Design your Games!” multimedia workshop in the Studio, where a TOM coach will encourage your pupils to get creative.


Using a digital interface created by an Interactive Media Design class at the French-speaking Switzerland Arts and Communications School (ERACOM), the pupils can create an imaginary poster for the Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020.

After discovering the historical Olympic posters in the IOC’s collections, the pupils will receive a set of imaginary specifications. Using the graphic elements they compile and arrange, they will become familiar with the visual language of a poster. They will then create a personalised poster to convey their vision of Lausanne 2020. 

A way of learning by experience about the concept of visual identity of the Olympic Games.

Tablets and visit guide

The tablets and guide contain a suggested exhibition visit route. These tools are designed to help teachers lead their own tour of the temporary exhibitions. Various places to stop on the exhibition route are suggested. For each of these, attention is drawn to a notion or a key object in the exhibition, with a suggested activity or a question to ask the pupils.


For children aged 6 and over


From 17 April 2018 until 13 March 2020


In the framework of preparations for the Winter Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020, a preferential rate of CHF 7 per pupil applies, which includes:

  • A self-guided visit with or without interactive tablets
  • A 30-minute workshop in an area devoted to the exhibition.

Your entrance ticket also gives you access to the permanent exhibition.

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