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A Stadium in the City

The reservations desk for schools and groups of children is closed from 5 July to 15 August 2016. As from 15 August 2016, it will again be possible to reserve coached visits and workshops, as well as tablets for the permanent and temporary exhibitions. A pre-reservation form is available here.


Dive into the world of Olympic stadiums thanks to a programme entirely devoted to these buildings that have become essential elements of the Games, and whose impact is measured well beyond the 16 days of competition.

How and where do you choose its location? Who is involved? Are there roads, metros or buses to take the public there? The educational package “A stadium in the city” invites the pupils to explore the world of the great Olympic stadiums.


Ages 6 and upwards


From 25 October 2016 to 5 May 2017


  • In order for the participants to address the questions of city planning, sustainable development and legacy linked to the construction of a stadium.


Option 1: Visit with coach + workshop (reservation required)

Price: CHF 15 per child

The visit

  • First allows to retrace the history of stadiums, from their creation in Antiquity to the projects dreamt up for the future; then, examples of some great Olympic stadiums follow, with the focus on the challenges of city planning, sustainable development and legacy that present themselves before the stadium is constructed. Finally, we turn to the future and the utopian stadiums that may exist one day, like the modern Olympia dreamt up by Pierre de Coubertin, which has partly become reality.

The workshop

  • Between phases of handling, dialogue and observation, the pupils address the questions of city planning, sustainable development and legacy linked to the construction of a stadium. A construction game is offered for 6 to 8 year olds, and a game of multimedia localisation for those aged 9 to 12 and over.

Option 2 : Free visit with a tablet (reservation required)

Price: CHF 7 per child

Tablet with a suggested exhibition route

  • Designed to help teachers arrange their own visit to the temporary exhibition.
  • Suggested route with a few stops within the exhibition.
  • Each stop addresses a key element of the exhibition: sustainable development, city planning, the stadium within time and space, etc.

And to learn all about stadiums and sustainable development…

  • A Serious Game is available on line! “Pierre de Coubertin meets the sustainable stadium”, a game which lets teachers and their pupils address a topical subject linked to the exhibition in a fun and interactive way (ages 12 and upwards). (Link available from 13.10.2016)