School Visits & Young Public

What is the TOM package?

A choice of themes to satisfy every teacher:

Temporary Programme
1. Design your Games
From 16.04.2018 to 15.03.2019
  • Ages 6 and above
  • Self-guided visit (with or without tablet) & Workshop
  • Visual arts and creativity

Permanent Programme
2. Destination Olympia
  • Ages 6 and above
  • Self-guided visit (with or without tablet) & Workshop
3. All different, All winners
  • Ages 9 and above
  • Self-guided visit & Workshop

Where does the TOM School experience take place?

  • The visit part takes place in the permanent or temporary exhibition.

    N.B.: The exhibitions have a lot of content, and offer films and interactive activities that young people really enjoy.
  • The workshops are held in the educational areas:
    • The Gym’ advocates a sensorial approach. Activity modules invite visitors to touch and test in a bright and colourful environment.
    • The Studio recalls the atmosphere of a television set. The activities that take place there are linked to the interpretation and construction of the sports image (films or photos) of the Olympic Games.

Why should you come to The Olympic Museum with your class?

  • Because the Olympic Games speak to young people:
    The Olympic Games speak to your pupils, whether they are athletes or spectators.
    The Olympic Games concern them because they reflect society’s concerns.
  • Because TOM - The Olympic Museum is a stimulating and dynamic place:
    Interactive and multimedia museography makes the visit a participative experience.
    A team of motivated activity leaders (TOM Coaches) and convivial educational areas are available to school classes.
  • Because the TOM Schools package is complementary to the school curriculum:
    The experiences on offer promote a cross-sector approach.
    They bring out each person’s competences.

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Further information

Information and reservation:

Do you want to get involved?

To keep in touch with the constraints of the school world and the challenges and trends in education, the Museum is creating a pool of reference teachers. They are required to attend two annual meetings and to respond to periodic electronic consultations. In exchange, The Museum offers exclusive advantages to you and your class.

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