School Visits & Children

An à la carte package allows you to take a self-guided or guided tour of the temporary and permanent exhibitions independently with your pupils, and take part in interactive and fun workshops in the presence of our activity leaders, the TOM Coaches.

Create your own tour!

There are four options available for visiting The Museum with your class:

  • Guided tour: Tour of the permanent exhibition with a Coach. Duration: 90 minutes

  • Workshop + Guided tour: Themed tour of an exhibition (permanent or temporary depending on the theme) and workshop in the Gym or Studio (TOM educational zones), all hosted by a Coach. Duration: two 45-minute segments

  • Workshop + Self-guided tour (optional): Accompanied by a Coach, enjoy a themed workshop and then extend your Olympic experience with a self-guided tour of the exhibitions. Duration: 45 minutes for the workshop, unlimited time for the tour

  • Self-guided tour: Access to all the exhibition spaces, excluding the educational zones. Duration: unlimited

Our themes

  • Destination Olympia
    The children learn about the origins of the Olympic Games. They compare sports equipment from the past with that of the present, and imitate the sports disciplines practised in Antiquity.

  • All Different, All Winners
    The participants explore several fundamental notions of Olympism. Through group games, questions and activities, the pupils/children learn how the Olympic values form the basis of the Games

  • Chat Challenge
    The pupils are invited to think about respect, friendship and team spirit. The Coach will host a discussion between the pupils and encourage them to think about universal values, both in sport and in everyday life.

  • How well do you know the Olympic Games?
    The participants explore the permanent exhibition to learn the key information on the Games.



Recommended ages

90-minute guided tour

45-minute guided tour

45-minute themed workshop

Destination Olympia

4 to 15




All Different, All Winners

6 to 18




Chat Challenge

9 to 18




How well do you know the Olympic Games?

(Cannot be combined with a workshop)

12 and above





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To keep up to date with the academic world and the challenges and trends in education, The Olympic Museum has established a pool of reference teachers. They are required to attend two annual meetings and to respond to periodic electronic consultations. In exchange, The Museum offers exclusive advantages to you and your class.

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