25 MAY - 19 NOVEMBER 2017

Who shot sports: A photographic history from 1843 to the present

The subject

The touring New York exhibition makes a stop at The Olympic Museum, the only European leg of the tour. It gathers together over 150 photos to pay tribute to sports photography.

At the same time, it offers an illustration of excellence, one of the key Olympic values, along with respect and friendship.

A value embodied by photographers able to capture fleeting moments in time, and by their subjects, the athletes.

© Jules Beau

© Bob Martin


The scenography breaks down the subject into nine chapters, which go from the beginnings of sports photography and the defining moment, via the love of sport up to the Olympic Games, which are all vantage points to appreciate the specific world of sports photography.

The references

Fifteen symbolic photos recall the key stages in sports photography, from 1843 to the present day, and contrast its history with subsequent technological developments.

 From prints to images


Freeze-frame clips are combined with photos and interviews to immerse the visitor in the history of five photographs and help him understand what makes these images so significant.

And even a workshop on the notion of “exposure time” in photography

The workshop runs continuously with the presence of a TOM coach, in the “Studio” on the same level. A way for the public to take centre stage and create their own short- or multiple-exposure images.

Multiple exposure Short exposure


This was very much needed to showcase the full splendour of sports photography!

  The book accompanying the exhibition costs CHF 49, and can be purchased
from the TOM shop
or online