20 MARCH 2021

Week of Action Against Racism 2021 (SACR)

How sport contributes

A guided tour of The Museum focusing on racial discrimination, based on the stories of athletes who show how sport helps to increase inclusion and diversity.
A chance to see how much progress has been made, but also how much more ground needs to be covered in this area.

Week of Action Against Racism special visit 2 p.m. – 60 minutes – Hall, level 0

 CHANGE-MAKERS – Stories of Olympians, athletes and celebrities

Free access to all activities if registered.

Registration before 19.03 by email with full details at the following address: cultural.events@olympic.org

The Olympic Museum IN COLLABORATION with the Lausanne Immigration Office (BLI)

Full SACR 2020 programme here: www.lausanne.ch/racisme