21 MARCH 2020

Week of Action Against Racism 2020 (SACR)

How sport contributes

A guided tour of The Museum focusing on racial discrimination, based on the stories of athletes who show how sport helps to increase inclusion and diversity.
A chance to see how much progress has been made, but also how much more ground needs to be covered in this area.

Week of Action Against Racism special visit 2 p.m. – 60 minutes – Hall, level 0

Shoe by Jesse Owens (USA, athletics, Olympic Champion, 1936 Berlin Olympics)

 CHANGE-MAKERS – Stories of Olympians, Athletes and Personalities

A dialogue with you

In the dedicated area in the “Gym”, a full day with our activity leaders for workshops and discussions on the topic All Different, All Winners.

All Different, All Winners workshops 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. – Gym, level 0

 GAMES POWER - See here the message of the values fostered during the Olympic ceremonies

Free access to all activities

The Olympic Museum IN COLLABORATION with the Lausanne Immigration Office (BLI)

 Full SACR 2020 programme here