25 MAY - 19 NOVEMBER 2017

The Art of Sports Photography

Shortly before the arrival of summer, The Olympic Museum will be exploring sports photos from various angles, through those who create them.

“To take a photograph, you have to focus
your head, your eye and your heart.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson


A whole programme:

  • “Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History, 1843 to the present” exhibition in the “Focus” space (level 1)
    A journey through the history and evolution of photography via cultural, historical and aesthetic perspectives
    Touring exhibition organised by the Brooklyn Museum in New York, a result of the research conducted by photography historian Gail Buckland.
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  • "Rio 2016, seen Through the Lens of Four Photographers” exhibition in the “Galerie” (level 2) - This exhibition has closed
    A selection of images from the Rio 2016 Games, taken by Mine Kasapoglu Puhrer (TUR), David Burnett (USA), Jason Evans (USA) and John Huet (USA), .
    One woman and three men who travelled back and forth across Rio and the Olympic sites over three weeks. As well as visiting the areas that were open to accredited media, they were granted access to the training zones and were able to accompany the athletes as they prepared for their events - even at the competition venues, before the arrival of the crowds.
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  • “Photographing the photographers" exhibition in the “Art Lounge” (level -1) -This exhibition has closed
    To give a face to those who immortalise the Olympic Games, the athletes and the small and great moments.
  • “Anamorphosis” on the building
    A fun and participative touch: photo distorted by anamorphosis, for which visitors need to find the exact angle to view the photos and can effectively step into the shot, giving the illusion that they are actually shooting a photo.
  • Coached tours of the exhibition, exhibition support material, workshops and educational resources for schools on the theme “I Shot Sport”.
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  • A special “Sports Photography” weekend on 2 and 3 September, with films screenings, friendly meet-ups, ateliers, chats with famous sport photographers, etc.

Photo competition "MY DIY Sports Venue"
from 24 May to 11 July 2017.
Be creative. Try to produce THE photo that will win you a prize and get your image displayed at The Olympic Museum!
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