13 OCTOBER 2016 - 07 MAY 2017

Stadiums Past and Future

The exhibition addresses the stadium through the relationship it maintains, both with the city in which it stands, and with the various protagonists involved.

We are attempting to observe the role and impact of the stadium as a whole, not only from an architectural point of view.

An exhibition in three parts

The first zone briefly retraces the long history of stadiums since Antiquity, starting with their basic functions: to delimit the area of a sports competition and bring together an enthusiastic audience.

The central part is focused on the Olympic Games London 2012, to show that a stadium is not only built for the 16 days of competition, but is also a project that runs for more than 30 years.
Sustainable development and legacy are the key words here.

The Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and Rio 2016 editions of the Games will be examined to see what has become of the Olympic legacy, or what will become of it.

The last part is focused on the future. It looks at utopian stadiums which will perhaps be built one day, like the modern Olympia dreamed up by Pierre de Coubertin, which has partly become reality.


"It is now for the architects to fulfil the great dream, to let soar from their brains a resplendent Olympia, at once original in its modernism and imposing in its traditionalism, but above all perfectly suited to its function. And who knows? Perhaps the hour will strike when the dream already committed to paper will be built in reality."Pierre de Coubertin (1910)


An exhibition, but also:

A magazine : “Olympic Stadiums : people, passion, stories”
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With a wealth of archival images, stadium stories and reminiscences by athletes, supporters and those who worked on the building and organisation, this magazine-book is a richly illustrated souvenir of the changing design and purpose of Olympic stadiums over the past century.
Published by GILES in association with the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage.
176 pages, UK£ 29.95 / CHF 39.-. Available at the TOM Shop in Lausanne, as well as online here.

An educational program: “A stadium in the city”
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A serious game : “Pierre de Coubertin in search of a sustainable stadium”
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