25 MAY - 26 NOVEMBER 2017

Rio 2016 Seen through the Lenses of Four Photographers

Everyone’s a photographer

Each edition of the Olympic Games generates an uncountable number of images, produced by professional photographers and amateurs, young and old, from all four corners of the globe!

Some more than others

The exhibition focuses on the Rio 2016 Olympic Games seen through the lenses of four professional photographers commissioned by the International Olympic Committee: Mine Kasapoglu Puhrer (TUR), John Huet (USA), David Burnett (USA) and Jason Evans (USA).

For each of them, the experience was different, and each talks about a particular moment. They have agreed to share their favourite moments and describe them to us.

The result is stories full of humanity and passion, which also illustrate the difficulties and challenges facing a sports photographer!

“Sometimes winners have this different face before they win, it's really exciting. I like to play with that photographing the moment before the race, the start.”
Mine Kasapoglu Puhrer


“For two weeks you have the best photographers in the world coming together and creating their own photo Olympics and you have... everyone is trying to be... It's like the athletes, every photographer is trying to be the best they can be, they want to beat the people next to them, they want to beat everybody in the room.”
David Burnett


“You still need an emotion, you still need a story, you still need to find what that is, even though the technology helps, it's just a tool. You have to use it wisely and properly.”
Jason Evans


“If you see the photograph through your camera lens, you don't have, it's when you don't see it is when you have it.”
John Huet


More than a simple illustration of the Games, these photographs make the fleeting timeless, an unexpected detail, a passing emotion, a poetic form of augmented reality.

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