07 DECEMBER 2017 - 22 APRIL 2018

PyeongChang2018: South Korea between tradition and modernity

Exhibition: “PyeongChang2018: South Korea between tradition and modernity” in the “Focus” area (level 1)

The “HAN” symbol (which means “Korean”) forms the common thread of this exploration of Korean culture. It is based around three main themes:

  • HANgul: the alphabet
  • HANryu or hallyu: the Korean wave
  • HANtech: ultra-connectivity

To mark the symbiosis of tradition and modernity, another Korean characteristic, the scenography combines various references like the HANji (traditional paper), HANbok (traditional costume) and HANok (traditional house), whose shades of brown and white create a gentle atmosphere.

 Q&A with co-commissioner Pascal Dayez-Burgeon

And visitors even get the chance to try on a hanbok, the traditional Korean costume, for their visit to the exhibition!