26 MAY - 27 MAY 2018

Olympic Language – You've got the Look! – Special Mexico City 1968 50th Anniversary

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Olympic Games Mexico City 1968, The Olympic Museum is shining a spotlight on the visual identity of this Games edition.

Screening of the Official Film of the Olympic Games Mexico City 1968

Relive the 1960s and the historic performances of Bob Beamon, Jim Hines, Bob Seagren and Věra Čáslavská with the Official Film of the Olympic Games Mexico City 1968, directed by Alberto Isaac.

  • Sat 26 and Sun 27 May: 12 - 6 p.m. (duration 240 mins, played on a loop)
  • Directed by Alberto Isaac – IOC – 1968 – In Spanish with English subtitles – suitable for children aged 6 and over
  • Auditorium, level 0

“Mexico City 1968” mini-visit
With Beatrice Trueblood and Eduardo Terrazas, heads of the Mexico City 1968 creative team

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The visual identity of the Mexico City 1968 Games became something of a model to aspire to. Original and highly trendy for the time, it left its mark on the history of the Games. Beatrice Trueblood, the Director of Publications, and Eduardo Terrazas, Director of the Mexico City 1968 Urban Design Programme, recount the incredible story that led to the creation of a logo which still resonates to this day, 50 years after it was designed.

  • Sat 26 and Sun 27 May: 4 p.m.
  • Duration 30 mins – In English
  • Meet in the Hall, level 0

Beatrice Trueblood  

Beatrice Trueblood
Designer, Director of Publications

Born in 1938 to a Latvian family of diplomats, Beatrice Trueblood grew up in the United States. In 1966, she was appointed Director of Publications by the Mexico City Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, leading an international team of 250 people. Working closely with Eduardo Terrazas, she designed the visual identity of the Mexico City 1968 programme. Her contribution as designer and editor concluded in 1970 with the publication of four volumes of “Olympic Memoirs”. Between 1972 and 1975, she worked as Director of Publications at the Mexican Olympic Committee, then at the Metropolitan Autonomous University in Mexico City. In 1976, she set up her own company, where she produced art books and publications about Mexican culture.

Eduardo Terrazas  

Eduardo Terrazas
Designer, urban planner, architect, artist

Born in 1936 in Guadalajara, Mexico, Eduardo Terrazas is a designer, architect, museographer, urban planner and artist. His 600 or so works are a vibrant fusion of geometry and craft, blending popular South American art with European avant-garde influences. Appointed Director of the Urban Design Programme by the Mexico City Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, Eduardo designed the logo and visual identity elements for Mexico City 1968 with Beatrice Trueblood. After the Games, he continued with his multi-disciplinary career and took part in a number of national and international institutional projects. Today, Eduardo is one of the best known artists in Mexico.


Mini-fashion show – Mexico City 1968 host dresses

You’d better believe your eyes… The Museum team will be going from workshop to workshop modelling the Mexico City 1968 spring-summer collection, in creations that have been refashioned by students from the COFOP (Guidance and Professional Training Centre).

Children must be accompanied by an adult.