26 MAY - 27 MAY 2018

Olympic Language – You've the Games Look!

Two days of creative, inspiring activities to explore the Look of the Olympic Games – a visual language that speaks to everyone!

Creative workshops, meetings with graphic artists and designers, guided visits and screenings: discover the creative challenges of the various Games editions!

The Spanish designer Javier Mariscal, the creator of Cobi, the famous mascot of the Olympic Games Barcelona 1992, takes you to the heart of the process that led to the creation of his human-like dog; while the TOM Coaches help you to create your own pop-up, picture book or poster for the Youth Olympic Games 2020.

Architect and urban planner Paul Prejza guide you through the creation with his wife Deborah Sussman of the Los Angeles 1984 ultra-colorful design and wayfinding system.

This weekend is also a chance to mark the 50th anniversary of the Olympic Games Mexico City 1968, an edition whose visual identity became the model for a successful Look of the Games. Two of the creative team’s key members, Beatrice Trueblood and Eduardo Terrazas, tell us about the challenges they faced. And Mexico City 1968 continues to inspire even today… You’d better believe your eyes, as the Museum team will be going from workshop to workshop modelling the Mexico City 1968 spring-summer collection!

Free of charge – no reservation required, tickets subject to availability.



“Olympic Mascots” creative workshop

With special guest Javier Mariscal (Spain) - the designer of Cobi, the official mascot of the Olympic Games Barcelona 1992

Javier Mariscal takes you to the heart of his work and invites you to bring your own figurine to life.
Paintbrushes, scissors and paper at the ready – watch as your mascot comes alive!

  • Sat 26 and Sun 27 May: 2 - 4 p.m. (duration 2 hours) – for children aged 6 and over
  • Galerie, level 2


“Design your Games” multimedia workshop

Step into the shoes of a designer – use the tablet provided and the graphic elements designed by a class from ERACOM to create your own poster for the Winter Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020!

  • Sat 26 and Sun 27 May: 12 - 6 p.m. (non-stop) – for children aged 6 and over
  • Studio, level 1

“Hopop-up!” creative workshop
Get folding, cutting out and sticking to create a colourful Olympic pop-up! Hopop-up!
As if by magic, a simple piece of paper will become an Olympic mascot!

  • Sat 26 and Sun 27 May: 12 – 6 p.m. (non-stop) – for children aged 6 and over
  • Gym, level 0

“Picture book” creative workshop
Make your own picture book using Olympic pictograms! A story that everyone will be able to understand, whatever language they speak.

  • Sat 26 and Sun 27 May: 12 – 6 p.m. (non-stop) – for children aged 6 and over
  • Art Lounge, level -1

Mini-guided visits
Our activity leaders guide you through the Look of the Games exhibition, presenting some of the more significant editions and providing insight into what makes up this universal language.

  • Sat 26 and Sun 27 May: 12 p.m, 1 p.m, 2 p.m, 3 p.m.
  • Tours start every hour on the hour – duration 20 mins
  • Meet in the Hall, level 0

Special mini-visits
1 -
“As told by the designers”: with Beatrice Trueblood, Eduardo Terrazas and Paul Prejza
Come and discover the visual identities of the Mexico City 1968 and Los Angeles 1984 Games. Their designers take you on a unique exhibition visit that explores the story behind the creation of these two Looks, which were original and extremely bold for their time. 

  • Sat 26 and Sun 27 May: 4pm, in English
  • Meet in the Hall, level 0

2 - “Follow the expert”: with Markus Osterwalder
Learn about the specificities and graphical challenges inherent in the Olympic Games with our expert, the “Olympic Language” exhibition curator.

  • Sat 26 and Sun 27 May: 5pm, in English
  • Meet in the Hall, level 0
 Mexico City 1968 50th anniversary special