07 DECEMBER 2017 - 22 APRIL 2018

Experience The Olympic Games PyeongChang 2018 at The Olympic Museum

When the Olympic Games take place, we have the chance to focus on the many different sports competitions which bring together the world’s best athletes from all four corners of the globe, as well as an opportunity to take a look at the culture and contemporary society of the country hosting the Games.

In 2018, our attention will be on the XXIII Olympic Winter Games, taking place in PyeongChang in South Korea.

So take the opportunity to come and check out the sporting and cultural experience of these Games at The Olympic Museum, thanks to the exciting programme specially designed for the occasion!

Exhibition: “PyeongChang2018: South Korea between tradition and modernity” in the “Focus” area (level 1)

The “HAN” symbol (which means “Korean”) forms the common thread of this exploration of Korean culture. It is based around three main themes:

  • HANgul: the alphabet
  • HANryu or hallyu: the Korean wave
  • HANtech: ultra-connectivity

To mark the symbiosis of tradition and modernity, another Korean characteristic, the scenography combines various references like the HANji (traditional paper), HANbok (traditional costume) and HANok (traditional house), whose shades of brown and white create a gentle atmosphere.

 Q&A with co-commissioner Pascal Dayez-Burgeon

And visitors even get the chance to try on a hanbok, the traditional Korean costume, for their visit to the exhibition!

Exhibition: “PyeongChang 2018: The Olympic Games - Passion.Connected” in the “Galerie” (level 2)

The Soohorang mascot at the entrance sets the tone, welcoming visitors, who can experience the Games through the:

  • Ceremonies and events shown on the big screen during the Games, with “warm-up” footage before the Games, including the story of the downhill course designed by Bernhard Russi and the “Become the light” campaign, plus a “best-of” compilation after the Games
     Q&A with Olympic Champion Bernhard Russi
  • Presentation on the iconic elements: the torch and the medals
  • Emblem, pictograms and graphic line, which create the Look of the Games
  • 3D installation showing the competition venues
  • Digital terminals which provide information on the programme of the Games, the sports and the venues
  • Computer graphics presenting key figures like the number of gold medals awarded, the number of athletes and NOCs, the distance between PyeongChang and Seoul and the length of new motorway built
  • Simulators, which give visitors the chance to test their skills in two Alpine skiing events.

The scenography and content are inspired by the slogan of the PyeongChang2018 Games: Passion.Connected

Exhibition: “Virtual Seoul” in the Art Lounge (level -1) and several walkways around the Museum

A brightly coloured photo display from Françoise Huguier presenting the diversity of contemporary Korea: an eye-opening exploration of the many facets of the Korean way of life, from young people’s K-pop to older people’s “colatheques”.

 Q&A with Françoise Huguier

Schools offer “PyeongChang2018: The Winter Games in South Korea”
Coached tours of the exhibition, exhibition support material, workshops and educational resources.

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 Q&A with artist Choi Jeong Hwa
 Making of “Happy Happy”

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