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Destination Rio 2016: Rhythms and Diversity

“Destination Rio 2016: Rhythms and Diversity” (in the “Focus” area on level +1 – free entry) forms part of the programme which takes visitors to the heart of Brazilian culture, with the mixed-race body and music as the guiding themes.

In the scenography, the work of contemporary carioca photographers, artists and film makers illustrate the theme of mixed origins from various angles: forest, city, celebration, beach, football and music.

Each theme has its own melody, and they combine to create a highly original and unusual visual and musical symphony.

“Destination Rio 2016” is the programme dreamt up by The Olympic Museum on the occasion of the Olympic Games Rio 2016, providing visitors with a rich and varied experience bathed in the sparkling colours and swaying sounds of Brazil.

To start:

A warm-up route in the park interspersed with info points offering details about Brazil, its history, culture, athletes and music.

The strange little creatures created by artist Felipe Barbosa provide a touch of fun.


Two themed exhibitions, one on the Olympic Games in Rio: the organisation, the look of the Games, the sports on the programme, the athletes and many others.

And the second on the rhythms and diversity at the heart of Brazilian culture through music, dance, popular festivals and sports.

As well as:

Samba and capoeira demonstrations, concerts, film screenings, and culinary specialities at the TOM café.

And of course:

An all-night programme on 5 August to get everyone together to follow the Opening Ceremony of the Games, and, from 6 to 21 August, broadcast of the competitions on the big screen.