02 APRIL - 01 NOVEMBER 2020

An Olympic setting and a manga vibe

The Olympic Museum will be hosting exhibitions on sport, manga and the Games, afterwork events, talks and themed weekends and offering an AR app to help you view the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and Japan in a completely different way.

Special Angoulême press kit (29.01-02.02 2020) (french version only) – (final press kit available from 15 March 2020)

• Poster

The poster for the programme has been produced by Naoki Urasawa. He has included all the codes from Japanese sports manga. In the last picture, it says: “To be continued…!” just like a real manga that leaves its readers in suspense.

Learn about the story of Yawara!, one of the main sports mangas, by Urasawa, in the Sport X Manga exhibition.

Sport X Manga exhibition

The Sport X Manga exhibition has been produced in collaboration with the International Cartoon Festival in Angoulême. Sports manga, or supokon, is a perfect tool to understand the evolution of sport in post-War Japan. Martial arts, the arrival of Western sports, the Olympic Games in 1964, and the values promoted by sport – all of these topics are covered in this type of manga.

Sport X Manga focuses on how sport has influenced manga style and fuelled the imagination of mangakas: Captain Tsubasa’s signature moves, miracle shots and other extraordinary effects.

What’s in store: fun and interactive features, an anime film, interviews, a reading corner and much more.

Tokyo 2020 exhibition

Urban, youth-focused, gender equal and innovative, the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 will herald a new era with:

  • venues in the heart of the city,
  • new sports on the programme.

Don’t miss: the competition venues, the model of the new Tokyo National Stadium, and symbolic items such as the medals and the torch.

Japanese gallery

© Studio GOLEM

In the setting of a Ryokan – a traditional Japanese inn – the culture of the host country is conveyed through a series of film screenings and workshops, with or without Museum staff. [Link to calendar of events]

On the walls of the Ryokan are print reproductions of sumo wrestlers whose stories are played out over three or five panels – a reference to manga!

The TOM Café, displaying Japanese athletes’ menus in the form of sampuru – ultra-realistic plastic food – will tempt people to check out the menu that has been specially devised for the occasion.

• The Olympic Park

© Studio GOLEM

The Olympic park will adopt a Tokyo 2020 and Japanese flavour with a path of torii-inspired gates, adorned with drapes featuring the white and blue chequered pattern of the Games emblem, and photo exhibitions on Tokyo 1964 and Japanese athletes who have made their mark on the history of sport.

• Augmented Reality Experience

A new augmented reality (AR) app will enhance the visitors’ experience. There are six spots to get immersed directly in the poetic atmosphere of Games-mode Japan!

To try out in AR: blossoming sakura, Koi carp, Tokyo 2020 mascots, inside the Tokyo National Stadium, etc.

The app also sparks creativity by bringing together Japanese culture and the user’s environment. By making a collage, enhanced by an image library, the user can combine real and virtual elements, conjuring up poetic, quirky, comical and amazing effects!

(App available on Google Play and App Store from 2 April 2020)

Schools programmes

 School visits: Lausanne-Tokyo AR
 Visit guide

Cultural events

AFTERWORK EVENTS from 6 to 11 p.m.:
 Thursday 2 April 2020: Afterwork #1: Traditional Japan
 Thursday 14 May 2020: Afterworks #2: Tokyo Now
 Friday 12 June 2020: Afterworks #3: Anime Night

 Thursday 2 April 2020 from 7 to 8 p.m.: “Japan at the Dawn of the Games”, with Georges Baumgartner, RTS correspondent in Japan
 Saturday 17 May 2020 from 6 to 7 p.m., Auditorium: “The Tokyo National Stadium”, with Kengo Kuma, a star of Japanese contemporary architecture.

 PâKOMUZé – 10-26 April 2020: A Window On Japan
 SPECIAL MANGA WEEKEND – 13-14 June 2020
 THE GAMES AT THE MUSEUM – 24 July – 9 August 2020
 Museums’ Night – 26 September 2020
 Olympic Week – 11-15 October 2020


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