We are Olympians, and You?

In January 2020, Lausanne is hosting the Youth Olympic Games, the event behind the creation of this programme devoted to the way in which sport can generate values and be a source of inspiration for life.

Athletes are at the heart of the exhibition and its accompanying activities. Ambassadors for the Olympic values, they share their experiences with the visitors, who are invited to become everyday Olympians.

We are Olympians, and you?exhibition in the “Focus” area (Level 1)

Around 50 athletes talk about the Olympic spirit!

A source of inspiration for everyone in their daily lives and sports practice at whatever level.

In each of the three sections of the exhibition route, multimedia installations tell stories of lives, excellence, friendship and suffering, allowing visitors to get to the heart of the athletes’ personal journeys.

The first section begins with ME: high-level athletes strive for excellence, but also have to accept their own weaknesses and overcome them. Self-esteem, determination and resilience are their mantra.

“As I'd learned long ago... the only victory that counts is the one over yourself.” Jessie Owns (USA), athletics.

It is up to visitors to strike the right balance between body and mind, like for Akwasi Frimpong, West Africa’s first-ever skeleton Olympian.

A moving film tells the story of how three athletes overcame the toughest odds to achieve their dream or recover after a terrible life-changing experience.

The exhibition route continues with ME & YOU: teammate or rival? The person who enables the athlete to develop their abilities, or improve their technique, game or strategy whilst respecting the rules. Respect, solidarity, friendship and honesty are the values that drive you.

“Your opponent will help you to excel yourself.” Claude ONESTA (FRA), handball coach.

Faced with a biased game of table football, everyone quickly realises the importance of having rules. Perhaps winning unfairly doesn’t feel so great after all?

What makes the difference between a Winner and a Champion? Put the pieces of the puzzle together to find out.

Athletes are sometimes faced with very tough choices.

The story of D’Agostino & Hamblin – Rio 2016

The experience concludes with TOGETHER: how to work together to help build a better world?
Stories of men and women who have fought to overcome prejudice and combat injustice. The Olympic Games, a universal and keenly followed expression of soft power, represent an extraordinary platform. Universality, hope and tolerance are the key messages of this third section.

“The Olympic Games show us that, despite our differences, it is possible for human beings to live together in peace, respect and harmony.” Thomas BACH (GER), IOC President

The exhibition route ends with an activity area featuring material to encourage discussion and participation.

And to conclude:

We are Olympians, and you? exhibition in the Galerie area (Level 2)

Have fun learning about the Olympic spirit!

A giant hopscotch grid to take you from being an athlete to a champion, two table football games to illustrate fair play, a values memory game, champions’ stories to follow on the screen, and a reading corner in which to chat or rest.

Olympism made Visible exhibition in the Art Lounge  (Level -1)

The Olympic values revealed in five stories by five photographers - Vanessa Winship, Nico Krijno, Alex Majoli, Lorenzo Vitturi and Max Pinckers - on five continents.

From October 2019 to January 2020, it’s time to get ready for the YOG in Lausanne!

Schools programme

Workshops: “Discussions & Challenges” 

Online: Visit guide

Online: Education kit: “Fair play and the Olympic values”

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