Colourful L.A.

Photos of the Los Angeles 1984 celebrations

The first exhibition, on the Ouchy lakeside, is a selection of 38 98 x 135cm photographs of some of the highlights:

the ceremonies organised like a Hollywood mega-production in the Coliseum;
the rocket man with the NASA-designed jet pack on his back;
the acid colours of the graphic line visible throughout the city;
the performance by Lionel Richie singing  “All Night Long”;
and famous athletes like Carl Lewis, Michael Jordan, Greg Louganis and Nawal El Moutawakel.

Captions: Olympic Museum Cultural and Educational Programmes Unit
Graphic design: “Trivial Mass” agency (Lausanne)

Well-known artists at the 1984 Olympic arts festival

The second exhibition, on show in The Museum’s Art Lounge, is a series of posters commissioned by the Organising Committee from 15 internationally renowned artists.

Don’t miss those by Roy Lichtenstein, a leading figure in the American Pop Art movement; British artist David Hockney, another key player in the Pop Art movement; and Sam Francis, one of the founding members of the second generation of abstract expressionism.

The texts and captions that accompany the posters help to place the works and their creators in the context of their time and the various art movements.

Banners inspired by the Games decorate the exhibition area and remind us of the bright and lively décor found all over the city.

Texts and captions: Olympic Museum Cultural and Educational Programmes Unit
Graphic design for the exhibition: “Pixel factory” agency (Lausanne)

And October 9, welcome to the Colourful L.A. night at the Museum...