Chasing Time

05 June 2014 - 18 January 2015

Temporary exhibition (location: Focus and Gallery)


How is time perceived by athletes, neuroscientists, philosophers, sociologists and artists?

How is time measured in sport, and how is it divided into thousandths of seconds?

How do athletes experience and manage the time spent in competition?

This exhibition aims to shed light on these questions, focusing on the intimate relationship between time and movement, and the effects of industrial time on time in sport.

Back in ancient times there was no concept of “records” in sport.

But as philosophers began to wonder about the meaning of time and scientists began making great strides in technology, physiology and biodynamics, the idea of measuring time was gradually introduced into the sporting arena.

Visitors will learn how races involve both an objective measurement of time and, paradoxically, a certain timelessness, a moment out of time.

They will see how sport, philosophy and science come together in sporting competition, and how time is experienced differently by sprinters, marathon runners and boxers.

Champions offer their own thoughts. The exhibition includes elements of art, music and video, demonstrating the shared desire of artists and athletes to grasp the meaning of time.

Also have a look at the interactive documentary about Sport & Time


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11 June - Come and meet…

Philosopher Raphaël Enthoven, free-diver Umberto Pelizzari and Olympien Eric Moussambani talking together about the concept of time ....

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29 June - "Chronos"
Contemporary music concert in three parts to understand the notion of time in music,
in collaboration with the Lausanne Music School.

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29 and 30 August, 8.30 PM; 31 August 4.30 PM - "Tempus Tic Tac"
Gallery +2 - open to all
This ‘tragi-comedy’ has no scientific, educational or philosophical axe to grind.
With Djamel Hadjamar. Text and production: Stéphane Verrue.

What is tomorrow when you are to war today?
What is a hundredth of a second to a sprinter?
What is a hundredth of a second to a tortoise?
What is a minute’s silence to a deaf person?

CHF 15.- (show only)
CHF 30.- (‘Summer dish & Show' package - drinks not included)
Only on Friday 29 August and Saturday 30 August. Summer dish served from 6 p.m. to 8 pm, please book your table by phone at 021 621 67 08. Show at 8.30 pm.

Tickets on sale at the Museum desk, online at or by telephone: starticket call centre – 0900 325 325 (CHF 1.19/min from a landline).