Loan policy

The Olympic Museum is willing to loan objects from its collections under certain conditions, subject to information provided by the potential borrower and the museum’s own requirements.

Loan procedure

All loan requests should be made in writing to the Olympic Museum’s Museology Department. The Olympic Museum will only consider loan requests if the potential borrower provides the following information:

• General information

1. Person or organisation (name of director) responsible for the loan, with contact details (address, telephone number, fax number and email address)
2. Theme of the exhibition
3. Detailed description of how the item on loan will be used
4. Exhibition venue (full address)
5. Start and end dates of the exhibition
6. For loans outside Switzerland: preferred local transporter. Transportation costs are borne by the borrower. The Olympic Museum is free to decide to transport the borrowed items using its own transporter.
7. Name of the insurance company. Insurance costs are borne by the borrower. The Olympic Museum is free to decide to insure the borrowed items with its own insurance company.
8. Visitor profile
9. Approximate number of visitors expected

If the loan is cancelled, the Olympic Museum reserves the right to request financial compensation to cover administrative and technical costs.

• Loans of item(s)

10. Start and end dates for the loan
11. Type of items required
12. Available space (size and number of display cases, surface area on walls and floor)
13. Relative humidity level and room temperature
14. Type of lighting and lighting control
15. Surveillance measures during the exhibition
16. Technical measures and means of access to the exhibition areas
17. Staff envisaged for handling (packing and unpacking, unloading, assembly and dismantling)
18. Crate storage location

• Loan of photo(s)

19. Desired theme
20. Number of images
21. For newspapers, magazines, books and all other publication types, the number of copies and reproduction size
22. For an exhibition, website, etc., the length of use
23. Credit card details

• Loan of motion pictures

24.  List of events
25.  Athlete’s name
26.  Video cassette format
27.  Precise use of the picture

Once the loan has been confirmed, a contract will be sent in duplicate to the borrower. An original copy of this contact must be signed and returned to the Olympic Museum’s Museology Department.

Conditions laid down by the Olympic Museum
The Olympic Museum requires that borrowers:
- comply with all clauses of the contract;
- return the dated and signed contract and an insurance certificate if applicable (if the borrower has taken out the insurance) before any items are sent;
- undertake to pay all costs associated with the loan, unless indicated otherwise in one of the contract clauses;
- undertake to provide photos and/or film of the loan item displayed at the exhibition.


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